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Former Penn State track star and inventor Richard Engelbrink has lived a long and interesting life, and he can serve as an inspiration for anyone.

Richard Engelbrink, of Houston

When he was at Penn State, Richard Engelbrink, of Houston, ran track and field and became an absolute star. He set records over the course of his career.


Running was a passion of Richard Engelrbrink since his college days at Penn State,


Richard also enjoyed following the latest inventions and learning about the patent process.


Engelbrink had a loving family who he cared for very much. He also played bridge with friends.

Track Runner Richard

Perhaps the most famous race that track runner Richard Engelbrink participated in was back in 1959. He was the favorite before the race began, but he started out chasing Harvard’s Dyke Benjamin. A mile in, Benjamin had a 30-meter lead. It looked like Engelbrink would not be able to take the title after all. 

richard engelbrink stretching before sprints
richard engelbrink running hurdles

Engelbrink broke records at Penn State

However, you could never count him out. Engelbrink broke records at Penn State because he knew how to run a complete race. He was comfortable being in second and he knew his time would come.


It did when they hit the seventh lap. That is when Engelbrink passed Benjamin in a sprint for the finish. Benjamin had used up all that he had to hold the lead for most of the race, but Engelbrink had set himself up for the win by conserving energy. No one could catch him and he was the first one across the line.

Richard Engelbrink, of Houston, Ran Track and Field: After Penn State

After track runner Richard Engelbrink finished his career at Penn State, he moved to Houston and began giving advice to young runners and their parents. When they saw that he ran so well in the past, they knew he could give them tips on how to train, what types of shoes to wear, when to start running and much more. 

This side of his career really took off. While he loved inventing and working hard in that field, he never lost his passion for running. He helped many young runners perfect their craft and take their abilities to the next level.


richard enelbrink running track

How Running Helps Richard Now

Richard Engelbrink, an 80-year-old man now, still gets out and runs when he has the time. He may not break those records he set back at Penn State in his early 20s, but running is more than that. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a way to stay in shape. It’s good for both the mind and the body. Richard runs track to stay healthy, and it has helped him stay in great physical condition for all these years. Anyone who is thinking about running should really consider the long-term benefits. It all starts with that first mile!

On top of that, it teaches many valuable life lessons. Richard Engelbrink ran track and field and he learned about dedication, motivation and team spirit. He learned how to really give his best and how to push himself beyond his limits. That type of outlook can help people in business, in personal relationships and in other sports. It’s invaluable knowledge, and it has helped define his life.

Engelbrink’s Future Running

Though not as fast as he once was, Richard Engelbrink still maintain a daily jog and has no intention of slowing down. Richard believes his only competition is himself and tries to run at least a mile every day. Check back often for more track and field running tips and news from Engelbrink.

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