Richard Engelbrink’s Track and Field Events

Jumpstart your track career with tips and tricks from experienced track veteran Richard Engelbrink. Hard work and dedication brought him success in categories from running to the javelin throw.

Richard Engelbrink’s track and field categories

Richard Engelbrink was a star in all sorts of track events at the height of his career. His tips and tricks could be helpful for aspiring champions in all of Richard Engelbrink’s track and field categories, from the sprints and the shot put to long distance running. In fact, Engelbrink placed first in the two-mile event while helping Penn State win the IC4A championship in 1959.

Richard's Running

Richard Engelbrink’s favorite track and field event was sprinting which he took part in during college.

Engelbrink Javelin

Engelbrink was a fan of the javelin throw, although for him it was more of a spectator sport as he preferred running sprints.

Jump Richard Engelbrink

Engelbrink had a loving family who he cared for very much. He also played bridge with friends.

Throwing Events for Richard Engelbrink

Richard enjoyed competing in different categories, which is key for a good athlete. An athlete should be versatile and ready to go for whatever opportunity is available, even if it’s not their best event or their favorite. Throwing events for Richard Engelbrink were challenging at first, as running was his real talent, but he applied himself and fought for success. If there’s anything young athletes can learn from Richard’s example, it’s that you need to be well-rounded and determined to make it far.

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    Track and Field All-Star Richard Engelbrink

    Running, both for sprints and long-distance, was where Richard really shined. Coaches would say Richard Engelbrink sprints like his life depends on it. He could blow away the competition, racing to the end before other runners had even gotten their bearings. Of course, he wasn’t always such a talented runner. Hard work and practice took Richard far.

    Richard’s Shot Put Skills

    After years of building his skills in high school and while starting at Penn State, Richard’s shot put skills became something serious to be reckoned with. Each event takes specific muscle groups and specific practice, so it can take time before you start to see improvement, but Richard showed that there is always room for improvement if you dedicate yourself to hard work and practice. Richard’s discus throw and shot put skills benefited from countless hours of work in the gym that Richard put in.


    richard engelbrink long jump

    Richard Engelbrink’s Javelin Throw

    The javelin throw is another track and field event with a long, ancient history behind it. At first intimidated by the challenging form required and the different techniques needed for it compared to the other events. 

    Then, perseverance made Engelbrink’s javelin throw a sight to be seen as well. Richard’s record-breaking success wasn’t always limited to his primary events either.

    Let Richard Guide You to Success

    If you’re struggling to establish yourself as a track and field athlete, take inspiration from Richard Engelbrink’s story. No one becomes a star overnight. Richard spent years honing his skills and sharpening his edge in various different events before he became the successful athlete at Penn State that he is now known as. With dedication and a willingness to put in the necessary hours, you too can achieve that success.


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